Oil seals have a history which stretches back more than 70 years: the CORTECO brand was first registered as a product trademark for radial shaft seals in Italy in 1932. These seals were manufactured and distributed in Italy by a partner of the Freudenberg group. It is interesting to note that since 1932 the Italian market has identified the “CORTECO” brand as a “rotary shaft oil seal”, this is similar to what happened in Germany for the Freudenberg group “Simmering®” brand.

High temperatures and long-life oils require professional seals. CORTECO offers precision oil and valve stem seals for engine, transmission and wheel hub applications. CORTECO seals are designed and manufactured to meet the OEM specifications. Back by the development and manufacturing know how of the Freudenberg Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of radial shaft seals, CORTECO offers you the same excellent quality.
CORTECO is a leading supplier of automotive oil seals and valve stem seals in original quality for:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Wheel applications

They offer the most extensive product line coverage in oil seals and valve stem seals for cars, trucks, tractors and motorcycles. In addition, CORTECO carries a wide selection of catalogues and technical literature to help their customers in finding the right solution for their sealing demands.
CORTECO’s ready-to-mount oil seal kits for various car and truck repairs supporting their customers in growing their business.

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